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16 Apr 2014   | Air bed · Air mattress · For guest house · review

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Review of: Innomax Luxury Medallion

Reviewed by: James Menta

Rating: 5/5

On April 16, 2014

Last modified: September 1, 2014


This is the best air bed out there. It's luxury at its best but it's also a super splurge. Comfort that simply cannot be matched, digital remote, separate adjustable firmness of the halves of the bed, plush soft top, memory cell or latex pillow tops (your choice). Solid wooden box with a luxury upholstering.  No way around giving this bed a 5 star review. Wish I could afford it.

So you decided to go for luxury bed?

Knowing what I know I say it will probably be one of the best decisions you’ve made this year. Or ever.

We spend the third of our lives sleeping and the quality of the waking time is greatly determined by how good of a nights’ sleep we get.

So, who could argue that investing in a high quality bed is a mistake? 


And if they do, laugh at their face and leave them to buy their dresses and t-shirts that will be in the trash cans few years from now while you will still be basking in your luxury bed. A good bed is for life. That’s all there is to it.

Who am I and how can I help?

My name is James Menta and I am running this website and writing bed reviews for years now. I can offer you every last bit of information to make a controlled and informed decision on whether this is the right bed for you.

But how is this website any different from any other website reviewing beds? 

One simple thing – I don’t just write reviews, I actually go out and try to contact people that are using this bed to ask questions I know are relevant.

And this was quite a task with this one and I actually found only one person that was willing to answer a few questions about their bed. Thank you, Debra.

So, how is this review going to work:

We take a look at what the company is saying about their product
We get into the PROS and CONS of this bed as per the actual owners
I give my final rating and a resume
Let’s get down to work and see if this is the bed for you.

What the company is saying about their product:

Our plushest model
The comfort and support is unparalleled featuring a an elegant premium top box (15 inches high)
Healthier sleep environment provided by the Petme Mink feel of the bed, gentle and sensuous
Dual LED Remotes (Digital) allows to adjust separate firmness for the two sides of the bed
You can choose between memory-cell and Latex pillowtop and see which provides most comfort based on your taste
Solid luxury wooden box in the foundation of the bed is 8 inches thick and is upholstered in a high end durable matching fabric

It is pricey but compared to other similar beds that provide this kind of high end pampering, it is a bargain…
It changed my life and I cannot imagine sleeping on anything else ever again…
I am so proud of myself that I finally decided to do something as nice for myself as getting this bed…
It became a large part of my life…
This is the bed that change me from a cranky mumbler into a morning person
The only drawback is that I find myself not wanting to get out of bed in the morning…
Easy to set up…the pump works great…
They didn’t shave any corners on this one…zero compromises on the quality…
The top section that can be flipped is a plus but I find both options equally comfortable…

My Ratings:

This bed is as close as it comes to perfect. If the price wasn’t one of the categories in the Overall Quality Rating it would score a Whammy. That is what I call a perfect 50 out of 50 in the overall rating.

For your information, over the long years that this website exists, zero beds have scored 50 and the only way for something like this to happen is for someone to decided to make something as good as this bed and not make any profit of it.

So, you guessed it, I deducted the one point for the price tag.

I know beds, ok? 

And there is nothing that is not amazing and high end on this bed.

James Menta